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Decorative Foil

Give your equipment greater pulling power with Decorative Foils from SCHURTER.

Give your equipment greater pulling power with Decorative Foils from SCHURTER.

Decorative Foil

Decorative Foil for your equipment. With Decorative Foils from SCHURTER you will have a vast array of possibilities to decorate your equipment. A Decorative Foil will ensure unprecedented pulling power! Together with SCHURTER you will give your machine or application the image it deserves.

Decorative Foils from SCHURTER will provide your equipment with a face that will abide in the memories of your customers. We offer manifold options, as a result of which your custom-made decorative foil will cause a stir amongst your customers. Decorative foils made of polyester, polycarbonate and plenty more materials besides - in addition to full-colour or digital printing. It's genuinely the case that everything is possible!

Benefits of SCHURTER Decorative Foils

 • Extremely wide array of possible uses

 • Extremely high pulling power

 • Decorative foils are suitable for a wide array of applications and environments

 • Decorative foils lend your machinery the image it deserves

 • Avast array of different techniques available, and these can be combined

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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A lasting impression with Decorative Foils from SCHURTER

The Decorative Foils from SCHURTER are used pretty much everywhere. Due the countless possibilities that we offer, a suitable solution can be found for any application and any environment. As with the Front Foils from SCHURTER, our Decorative Foils are suitable for all markets - whether or not the customer has specific requirements!

Often a Decorative Foil is the first thing about a machine to catch the eye. When you are using a Decorative Foil from SCHURTER, you can rest assured that the user won't forget your equipment in a hurry. The manifold different techniques and finish options we offer mean you can have your own Decorative Foil custom-made. A Decorative Foil that ensures a lasting impression of your brand.

Materials and Techniques

Display Foils made of polyester, polycarbonate or PVC

The manifold options in terms of materials and techniques for display foils mean that we have a solution for any application. We'll be happy to support you when it comes to developing a Decorative Foil that will bring your machinery the attention it deserves for the rest of its lifespan!

As with the Front Foils from SCHURTER, it's possible to choose from a wide array of different materials for the display foils. Polyester, polycarbonate, PVC - the options are extremely diverse. Obviously the choice of material will depend on your application, as each material presents its own benefits. We will gladly advise you in this regard.

Display Foil with high quality and pulling power

The techniques we use result in a Display Foil with an extremely high degree of pulling power and quality: Printing techniques such as full-colour and digital printing ensure high graphic quality. In turn, the manifold different finishing techniques provide unprecedented durability.

Examples of the techniques we use for our Decorative Foils include

 • A variety of embossing options

 • Dead font effects

 • Use of transparent types of ink

 • Use of inset strips

 • Partial doming is possible

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